Send multiple items in one email

I was thinking about a possible solution so that when you have a list of items with their respective columns you can integrate them all in one email so that the recipient does not receive 25 different emails, as an example, for each Item.

Does anyone know if there is a solution for this?


Hey Andres!

I’d love to know a little bit more about your workflow so I can suggest a workaround! What process are you currently using that is sending many different emails (an email for each item) to someone? Is it an automation recipe that you are triggering in each item?

Are you looking to consolidate the items’ statuses so that when one item’s status triggers, an email summary is sent of all the items’ statuses instead of having to do it one by one?

Let me know some more details and we, the community, can help! :blush:

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Hello Charlotte

First, thank you for replying to my message and showing interest.

I will try to explain shortly what my workflow does:
I have a board with a list of items updated daily; each item has different specifications. These specifications have to be sent via email to be able to register them externally. Sometimes I have to send only 1 item, and that is not a problem, but at other times I have to send more than 10 or 20, and at the moment, if I do that, the external person will receive 20 different emails.

As I work now, I have to export my list to excel, delete some columns that are for internal use and then send the excel.

I would like to select a list of items and send them all together in one email with their specifications.

Thank you

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Did you ever find a resolution because I am looking to do the same thing? For example, I want to include all the emails in a specific group in one email.