Set an item's cell with existing asset


I’d like to set an item’s cell (of type FILE) with an existing asset.
The asset already exists in Monday (it has already been uploaded in advance) and has an asset ID and a public URL.
How can I copy / link the existing asset ID from an existing row to another board’ item cell?

It’s important to note that I have large video files and I do not wish to re-upload the files - but instead to use the existing asset (which has already been uploaded in the past) and link it to some other board’s item cell.

Thanks in advance

Hello @AvivKetter,
Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Currently, I don’t think that is possible and there is a post here that requests the same functionality which you can vote here to help monday know that this is really needed.

The alternative solution is not to upload to monday but rather to a storage like Google drive, Dropbox etc and then insert the file location link in monday. This way, the link can be copied and pasted anywhere in your account

Hi @AvivKetter,

Thanks for sharing your need for this to be supported. I’ll be adding your vote to this feature request.