Share board with mirrored columns

Hi All,

I’ve created a main board linked with my master board. I want to share this board with an shared link. I’ve the following problem and can’t find any solution for it.

When sharing my board, I can’t see the “Mirrored columns” in the shared environment. I tried to “hack” around this by creating ‘formula’ column and pointing to the mirrored column in my board. In monday itself it’s all working, but in the shared environment these formula columns give me a red exclamation mark.

Two questions:

  1. Is it possible to show the mirrored columns in the shared board environment?
  2. If not, why is my formula column in the shared environment showed as a red exclamation mark?"

Monday Environment
The column with the 1 is a formula column that takes the data from the mirrored column on the right side.
In this environment it’s all working.

Shared Environment:
The formula column gives a red exclamation mark and the mirrored columns are gone?

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hi @Marvinh

Welcome to the community. It is indeed not possible to show a mirrored column through a shared link. Seems this has to do with security as the mirrored data does not live in the board you shared and therefore it is treated unsafe to disclose data that lives on another board. For the same reason the formula column can’t read the data, hence the exclamation mark.

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Hi @basdebruin,

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Is there any other way to share information in a board linked to another one? I don’t want to share the master board with all the information?


Bas is right, to get around this, you would need to use Integromat (or similar) or an app like General Caster (available in the app marketplace) to copy the relevant data to the board directly. I’m more than happy to help if you would like to pursue this solution.


hi @Marvinh

Another solution is an app one of our partners have that copies the mirror column to a real column. If you wish I can bring you in contact with this partner.

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Hello Friend
Its simple to use? You can share?

The partner is WorkPerfect and you can contact them here (@Kimb) or through our website by filling in the price request form: Mirror To Real - Excellent Team

The app takes the first (and only the first) item that is mirrored and copies the content of the mirror to a local column of the same type.


This is great @basdebruin!

Thank you @basdebruin

Hi all, please feel free to reach out to myself via message or email -
We may have a solution for all of you and would happily work together : )