Share Dashboards as Embeddable Objects

Good morning…

User Story: As a Consultant in a firm that works with may out side entities I would like to be able to embed a view (read only) dashboard on a webpage (like a SharePoint site) so that my external clients don’t have to log into another system to get project progress information.

Use case:
My company has a “customer portal” based in SharePoint where all customer documentation, including project documentation, is neatly organized for quick access. Most people that we work with and that have access to this portal are not the type that need to update anything in our boards. They are executives that want project updates in a quick, digestible way. We’ve tried other platforms that allow guest access, but found that no one ever logs into another system for project updates. They will go into our customer portal though, because it has lots of documentation about the vendors they are working with, invoicing, MSAs, etc… We want to provide Dashboards in this area of our portal so that these updates can be provided visually, in seconds, rather than having to find a document to read. Boards are already embeddable…hopefully embedding dashboards isn’t far off?

Appreciate it!