Shareable link warning message - Keep in mind that filtered data (items and columns) can still be accessible by technical savvy users

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my question is related to shareable link warning message that get displayed under share settings

It reads “Keep in mind that filtered data (items and columns) can still be accessible by technical savvy users”.

I using filter function to share client specific list of items … and want to improve my understanding of the risks invovled. If a client can easily modify the URL to view other clients list of items … or it not as straight forward.

I did search through the topics … but did not find one that matches my question.


Hi @Chetan I wonder if you could get around this by putting the filtered board on a dashboard that you then share with the client. In the “View” mode on the dashboard, not even a tech savvy user can edit the filters. I hope this solves the problem simply! If you need any more help, please let me know.

Hi @Chetan!

A tech savvy user with a basic understanding of how boards are structured would be able to load a publicly broadcasted board, use the web browser’s developer tools to locate certain relevant information, and construct a URL that would then show data on that board that the user perhaps didn’t intend to broadcast.

Ultimately, when you’re publicly broadcasting only a specific table view of a board, all of the data from the Main Table view on that board is accessible, even if not immediately visible when loading the the user originally shared.

I hope this helps!

Sort of similarly, I have a board with the message “This board is visible to anyone on the web with a shareable link” in a blue bar across the top of the page. I don’t necessarily want this, nor do I know how to turn this off. Please help.

Hi @bhowell!

Sounds like you are broadcasting a view. Check out this knowledge base article for how to disable this on your board: How to share a board view publicly – Support

Hope this helps!

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Ah! That was it, it was shared from one of my other views! Thank you @lisat!

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