Shipping tracking and Customizations

We will start using Monday, but I need support to customize it.

In our dropshipping business, I will write down the orders, then after the tracking number from the supplier, I want to check the exit from the fulfillment center and their arrival to the customer with the tracking code. I’m looking for someone to do this.

Except for order shipping tracking, the features in Monday CRM are enough. I want support that can customize the columns according to our needs.
We have an easy ship subscription, but I don’t know if its API is used. There are companies with affordable APs on the web, like 17track.

I like the app (Yakkyofy) in the attached screenshot, as I need it and clean design.

I’m open for any advise


Hello @burdanyaz ,

Welcome to the community! Glad to hear you will start using monday, and I and the team at would love to help you make the most of it!

At we have considerable experience and expertise in creating extensive CRMs, complex integrations and customized solutions depending on our clients’ needs.

We have worked with Dropshipping clients before, helping them improve their business in various ways - implementing an order review and feedback form, creating detailed dashboards for their data that helped them understand their companies’ strengths and weaknesses better, integrating with other services they were using ,making time-saving views etc. .

Please do schedule a Free Consulting Call here and we will be very glad to meet and discuss your vision.

I sincerely hope our services can be of use to you.

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Ciao Ugur, we can help with this. Sending you a PM

Thank you. Could you please give me an estimated cost? You can share similar works budget from your old jobs.
Have a great year

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Hey Ugur,

Thanks for following up. As I focus on consulting and implementing for our clients, pricing for projects is not something I’m familiar with.

Thanos ( @Athlos ) will be able to walk you through pricing during your call, after gathering more information regarding your specific requirements with regard to effort and timeline.

Hope this helps and looking forward to hearing back from you!

Hello @burdanyaz

I have seen your requirement and would love to assist you to do some customisation on Monday.

Kindly reach out to me Via or share your contact so that i can submit a proposal.

Best Regards,

Could you please give me a estimated price?

Hello @burdanyaz

PM sent, Kindly check.

Best Regards,