Show Yearly Goals + Progress on One Table

tl:dr - Can I have a visual of a yearly goal (number) and current status (number)?

I love the battery widget, but I want a smaller version of that in line of an item in a table to show all my yearly goals at once. Progress tracker only tracks “status columns”. I’m looking for that same look, but based on a number in that row.

Goal: Meet with 100 Leaders | Goal: 100 | Current: 75 | Display bar here showing progress

OR can I set up a chart view to show that? I kind of have that with a simple bar graph, but I can’t read the full Goals on the left side of the graph.

One Solution I have figured out is adding a formula column to the right of my Goal and Actual number columns to show a % reached. That’s helpful, but I would love a visual for my team.

I was able to create something similar in Google Sheets and with a doc, I’m able to embed that Google sheet. It’s not ideal. I would love a progress bar that could go in a field next to some numbers.