Social Media Board Setup

Hello - I am trying to setup a Social Media board along with connected boards, however, I am having trouble figuring out the right setup and what automations to use.

SETUP Needs:

I have a master board (main calendar) and several boards that are connected to it (example: Instagram). When an item is created on the master board, and has an answer in the “Content Type” calendar, I would like to have that item be created on a specific board based on that answer. FOR EXAMPLE: if I create an item and select “Instagram” under Content Type, it should create an item on the Instagram board with copy over specific information. As changes are made to the status on the Instagram board, I would like to see those status changes on the master board.


  1. General: how should I set up my boards so that they are connected?
  2. What automation should I use so that “when an item is selected and Content Type is Instagram, create an item on Instagram board, aggregate ____ data, and connect boards using column Status” ?
  3. Is there a way to create a posting timeline on the master board that reflects the Posting Dates from each board the item is created on (some will have multiple Content Types selected)?

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 3.37.44 PM

Have you figured out a solution to this yet? I am looking to do something similar with my team

Yes, I did figure out something, and it seems to work for us, but did take a lot of careful setup. Happy to share if you can tell me what specific you are looking for