Sort or filter by a specific date(s)

Is it possible to sort/filter by a specific date and to not just have the ability to choose for example “Today”, “Last Week”, “Last Month”, “Past Dates” etc. I can’t find the option to choose my own specific date.

If the option does not exist today, I think the button “Custom” should be added which would then let you choose between your desired dates (create your own timeline).

Thank you!

I and my team are really in need of this feature too. We need to filter down the subitems or items if they have been completed/overdue in the last week, 10 days, x days etc. It is a metric for our productivity. Due dates are changing, so duration past current future is not a metric itself in this setup.

Need the same thing.

My team could really utilize this feature too. You can filter by individual dates on the mobile app for the phone or tablet, but the feature is not available on the desktop or desktop app.