Specialist for making a Dashboard reporting app

App specialist wanted!

I am not a developer but I am the admin for our organization who uses Monday platform as a sales pipeline management tool.

One feature that we desperately need (and were promised a while ago) was the ability to make formulas in the dashboard or for example take the SUM of a numbers column and calculate with the SUM of another numbers column e.g. find out a conversion rate in %.

Now that Monday has the ability to create apps. I asked @dipro-monday.com and he told me that the framework can support an app which does this.

So now I wonder, Is there anyone here that can make this happen?



Hi @Emil.
I guess @dipro-monday.com is referring to an app just developed by us at Omnidea, which can perform formula calculations and assign the result to a number column that then can be used in any automations or dashboard.
Feel free to contact me at roberto.tremonti@omnidea.it for further details.


I’ll drop you a line this week. This sounds promising!

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