Specific View Permissions for a column based on assigned person

Thanks in advance for any answers that come in, they are always greatly appreciated here!
I currently have the pro plan for our company and are looking to possibly move to an enterprise plan if we are able to get the advanced permissions control we need. We have a furniture building company and we currently have 7 different boards for our 7 locations. The main reason of the separation is that we do not want each location to see the sales prices for other locations. The problem with this is that each location doesn’t have access to the orders of other locations. So if a returning customer comes to a different location, that different location is not able to look up their previous order. What we are looking to do is have only 1 single board for all locations to enter in their orders. The question is am I able to restrict the view of a single column based on the person who made the item. So sales location 1 can only see the entries in the sales price column for their items but wouldn’t be able to see the entries in that column for any other location. But they would still be able to view all other information/columns for the other locations orders. I guess to clarify, every location can view the column but only the item creator can see the value within the column. Is that a possibility?

Right now the only work around I have found is to make 7 separate columns for the price and have the column view restricted to each location respectively which isn’t terrible but to then see the overall company sales, I have to add up the totals of all 7 columns. If this is a possibility with the enterprise plan we would definitely be very interested.


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Hey Matt! There is indeed an Enterprise permission you could benefit from here!

Have you seen this one?

What do you think? Could this be a good fit for what you are looking to do?