Sprint View App for Scrum project management

Sprint View app is now available on the monday.com apps marketplace. The application extends the monday.com platform with dedicated Scrum project management elements.

Sprint View is an extension of monday.com designed for the Scrum project management. It works as a separate workspace that includes a backlog, an active sprint board, and an archive. Items appear in the right columns thanks to their status mapping, so when a task’s status changes, it gets automatically moved forward to the next column.

Sprint View allows you to manage the most important details such as a sprint name, sprint goal, sprint time frame and a start and end date of the sprint. You can easily add tasks from the backlog and assign story points to them.

You can preview all the items during the sprint. The countdown of the remaining days gives you more insight on how the work is going.

After a sprint is finished, you can check how many tasks were completed in a given period of time and view the story points assigned to each team member. This allows you to adjust your workload to the number of available story points and then prepare a better plan for the future project iterations.

You can find the description of the application here: monday.com: Apps Marketplace, and you can turn it on for free evaluation in the Admin tab in your monday.com account.

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Full app documentation (features, settings and installation guide: About and you can ask for help support team: support@deviniti.com or monday@deviniti.com

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