Start and end time in date column

@BiancaT @Julietteb Any updates??

Hi everyone, I appreciate you being patient with me as I communicate with the dedicated product manager. I have had confirmation that they will be providing an update on this thread shortly, I have followed up with urgency.


Thank you for keeping us in the loop - keeping an eye out for updates.

ITs a calendar! start - finish times are basic inputs .
Is this what is like?
fit for purpose comes to mind. is the calendar fit for purposes?

Hi Bianca, Just wondering on the update. It has been months now with no information.

Hi all,

Michal again, product here at monday.

I know you have been waiting a long time for it, and we are currently designing the solution :pray:

We would love to get your feedback so we can make sure it answers all of the needs above.

Iā€™m adding here a form which I would love for you to answer:

Your feedback will help us in validating our solutions and also finding first users to play around with the new version.

We plan on working on it this quarter, and will share here some more details once we have a timeline.

Thanks for your corporation!


@Terry.Heard @AidanC @dtsno2020 @melissacresson1 @sspangler @RoseZ @DaniSango @shaiguitar @melissacresson1 @DenstadConsulting @sorensonsolutions Check out Michael update above about the feature! Its in the works ^^

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