Start Date to be Start of Timeline then Duration should auto populate the rest of the timline

Let me explain the problem statement.

  1. We have a project approval board where there is a field called “Probable Start Date” which is filled by the user via Form. The column type is date.

  2. Once the project is approved, the Project Schedule is created via a template which has a column called “Start Date”. Once the Project is approved, this “Probable Start Date” should be considered as the “Start Date” of the project.

  3. There is also a “Duration” column which has the duration of each activity in Days. The type of column is “Numbers”.

  4. There is another column called as “Finish Date” Column which is formula column (Finish Date = Start Date + Duration)

  5. Now here is the issue, all the above is working well for the first activity in the project schedule. But for the second activity onwards, the Start Date should be Finish Date of Previous Item + 1 ( because let’s say the previous item finish date is 19th October and hence the start date of next item would only be the next day ie 20th October and hence “+1” )

  6. Once the Start Date is populated for the second item via the above formula (point no 5), and the duration for each activity is mentioned, it should keep on calculating the Finish Date and subsequent start date for the remaining items on the board.

Hi @Jaikishan - dependencies would be the way to manage the auto-population of the tasks within the project however you cannot do this based on a formula column (Finish Date). What you could do is use a Timeline column in place of Start Date & Finish Date. You can easily combine this with a Duration column to extend finish dates then setup your dependencies on the timeline.

Hope this helps!