Status Reverts when moving between Boards

Hi all

I’m currently finalising a full sales tracking system within Monday. Have it about 99% completed but noticed a strange issue that I can’t yet explain. I’ll try to get this to make sense…

  • Board 1 - Opportunity / Quotes
  • Board 2 - Sales Managers
  • Board 3 - Orders

So the basic flow is an opportunity is raised and given to the sales team. They raise a quote and then send it to the Sales Manager (status trigger move). The Sales Manager then approves the quote and gets the customer to accept it. They then send it via status automation to the Orders board

Now my issue is that they trigger this by changing “Request OA” to “Requested” before it leaves the board

Once the Orders team have processed the OA request, they trigger “Send to S.M” which changes the Request OA column to Received before moving back to the Sales Manager board

So the weirdness starts here

When the pulse left the Sales Manager board, Request OA was Requested. When it comes back in, it’s Received. BUT… something is changing the status back to Requested (which then triggers the automation to move it back again to the Orders board)

I’ve disabled all automations and this reverting of the status still happens

Does Monday remember previous statuses when moving between boards???

Put together a short vid to show what I mean. You’ll see the status change from Requested to Received but then leave the board, get changed and come back in again