Subitems under Subitems (further subitem hierarchy)

Being able to add in more than one layer of subitems to an item is the biggest wishlist item for my team.

i desperately need this feature too - this is essential for Project Management boards - just 2 level of subitems makes a whole world of difference! product team has never worked as a project manager so they do not understand this BASIC feature at all. Subitems not inheriting the parent columns is such a weird implementation too. This request is unfortunately and conveniently ignored all the time.

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I need to add it rather than using a paid app so that I can use automations and integrations with the sub-sub items. Paid apps need manual entry.

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Unless I am not aware how to do it. Right now you can only have one subitem under an item. It would be nice to have more than one different subitem groups.

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Not essential. Although that would be nice as well. Right now we can just one one set of subitems so it would be nice to have more than one different subitem groups under a client/item/project.

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yes, it will definitely be useful and even essential to have at least 2 level of subitems, ie sub-subitems!

Hi, it would be very useful to be able to have multiple sets of sub-items under item. Is this feature going to be an enhancement to boards? Thank you.

Hi community,

Thank you for sharing your ideas. After reading through your comments and sharing the feedback with the relevant team, we are looking into ways to implement or add to the subitem hierarchy. At the moment we are considering this feature, and are in the research phase of better understanding the requirements of this feature.

Your feedback is important to our development team so keep sharing your ideas with us as we work on creating our future roadmaps!


Are you a developer?

Ya I agree. Especially now with workflows. This would be a game changer to be able to create a subitem hierarchy.

The other option here is to create a connected & mirrored Hierarchy.

This is an additional cost through an external automation provider. We can teach you how or help set it up for you - get in touch with us through

We’re a certified partner that services Global clients. Get in touch via any channel if interested.

We do agree that this is a highly requested feature and would love to see it become possible natively!

Please upvote to make this a roadmap priority!

We’re currently giving the checklist a try for a team leaving another platform and coming onto, but the team I’m working with is definitely not happy that sub items of sub items is not a feature yet…

Having this implemented will be a game changer for large Agile projects!

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Hi Juliette!

It would also be really lovely if we could automate sub items with all of the same apps and integrations, but especially with emails!

Hi there, did they ever develop this? I’d love to be able to create sub-subitems :smiley:

Would love an update on this, a lot of us depend on hierarchy style tasks and subtasks.

HI @monday How does the voting work? Every single item on the roadmap has over 100 less votes that this feature request…and hundreds more less than another feature request? This is a very important feature that could open up a world of possibilities and bring you more business (which I can confirm as a consultant who has lost sales to clients due to not having a proper hierarchy) I just don’t understand how this has double the votes, 15k views but isn’t on the roadmap. Adaptavist offers an app that does this but it’s such a basic feature to pay additional monthly cost for. Please, please get this one moving!!

Side note: I understand timing, resources, level of effort, etc. impact the roadmap but if the fix is already coded in an existing app in Monday, it just seems like this could be an amazingly huge win for Monday and all it’s users…

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Sadly, Monday’s feature lack of support for multi-level subtasks ended up being THE reason that I did not select for use. (Missing feature) I’d experienced this same flat hirearchical challenge using JIRA over many years in tech, and have zero interest in experiencing the same PTSD around trying to compensate for a similar architecture limitaiton again while paying for a supposedly “modern” product.
I ran a trial for, but quit due to this feature limitation.

Hi I see this request for sub items under sub items has been here for a while. Is there any development in this? I think its so important to have this feature especially under Projects, as a project can have multiple sub items beneath it. I would like to use the projects purely for the ease and views of project management but its useless to me without the subitems hierarchy.

I also think its important to be able to automate subitems so can we look into this too