Syncing status (Completed) between two diffrent boards

I’m looking for a specific feature.

I have tried the VLOOKUP function, but did not get it to work correctly.

I have a shared board with tasks and statuses (new, in progress and completed) used by our technician team.
The different technicians also have their private boards where they register their own tasks. We want the technicians to have one board to complete tasks in.

Whenever we add a task to the shared board and assign it to a person, we would like this task to be automatically be added to this persons private task board. We managed to do this.
So far no problems. I created automation to handle this, and it works perfectly. The dask is duplicated to their board or linked (depending on automation).

But we would like to get the status for both boards to be linked which means if he completes the task (changing status to complete) in hos personal board, it will automatically change status to completed also in the shared board.

I tried the two different automations:

  1. When status changes to something create an item in board and connect boards with column


  1. When an item is created in this board, connect the item where this column matches this column in another board by this logic.

With both they are linked, but when changing status in one of them will not update the status in the other board automatically.

Is there a way to do this?
Preferably without an extra payable app.

Firstly some assumptions:

  1. You have a mirror column on the main board that mirrors the status that changes on the private boards.
  2. You need a status change on the main board to trigger other automations, not simply see the mirrored status.

Check out this article.:

You can find these automations when you click “templates” at the top of the automation center and “mirror” on the left (there is a category for these now so they are easy to find)

The built-in “when status changes to something, change status to something else” can be triggered from a mirror status changing, so when the status on the private board changes, the mirror of it (assumed above) on the main board will trigger a status change on the main board item. This change can then drive other automations on the main board.

The only limitation is the automation creator, must have access to the private boards. I’m assuming that by private you may mean “personal” boards, or at the very least someone like a supervisor will have access.

You can also try our app, “Same Item Multiple boards”. You’ll be able to do exactly that without complicating things. Check it out here: Apps Marketplace

Thanks for sharing.
Your method worked great, Cody.

Thank you very much.

Welcome, glad the easy built-in solution that took a single recipe on a single board worked. No needless complication with a third party app.

Hi @codyfrisch @garfield-labs @kakemann :wave:

I want to suggest you to try the Time in Status app, which track time the Item has spent in each workflow status. And, as i said, average of the time spent feature will be available soon :blush:
However, using the app, you can already monitor how fast the item moves between statuses or spot bottlenecks and delays.
You’ll get user-friendly data on the board in a few seconds.

Also you will be able to track how much time your issue spends in each status and much more by generating 3 types of reports:

:chart_with_upwards_trend: And use charts to visualize your reports a sample of a certain number according to time range/item range, or a single item:

  • Pie Charts
  • Bar Charts
  • Area Charts

The app is also available in the format of board integration.

You can try it on the Monday Marketplace and share your experience with us.
Hope you find this app helpful.