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Hi! I’m using at a veterinary clinic to supplement workflow features that don’t exist in our medical records software.

One task we have is to record patient food orders as well as items we need to restock the clinic. An assistant then goes to our storage unit and retrieves the necessary items.

In the past we used a google doc in table format to list everything we needed with each row either being a patient name or being labeled “for stock”. The “For stock” rows, unsurprisingly, can become quite hefty.

Currently monday boards are perfect on the reception side for listing our client orders especially because we integrated emails so that we can send out automated notifications when orders are ready. However, from the assistant side, viewing the board as a list of things to get can become difficult. I used pivot view and customized the table settings so that we could easily convert our board into basically the same kind of table they were used to. However the column to list the items we need is a long text column, and when you’re listing 10-20 items, the pivot view does NOT format this well and it essentially becomes a run-on sentence. Additionally, if there are too many board items or too many LONG board items, printing the table view ends up printing sort of a “screenshot” that cuts off info at a certain point and literally prints a scroll bar. Finally, the pivot view doesn’t seem to always sync in real time to changes in the board, which of course, causes irritation when someone returns and realizes they missed something.

This is really causing a problem and i’m struggling to find a solution so that I can keep the board as it works so well for client notifications. It’s frustrating because the updates section has so many great formatting options and I almost wish the updates section could be printable, or that the long text column could also be formatted. but most of all, i wish pivot view was printer friendly!!!

Has anyone been using monday to keep track of orders that sometimes get lengthy or trying to use pivot view to convert to a table?

also, exporting to excel is not a great solution because we need to print the pivot view 1-2x daily and i feel like i’m not going to get a great reaction when i tell them they then have to reformat the excel sheet they get to do wrap text etc…

help please :slight_smile:

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I think the direction I would go would be to create a macro/VBA program to do the formatting of the exported monday workbook. Once created, you could put this in the Personal Macro Workbook and add it to the Quick Access Toolbar or Home Ribbon. The “hard” part would be getting the macro setup. This would leave your people with a simple 3 step process. Export the board. Open the file. Click on the magic macro command.

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Hey @bloop, thanks for writing in and describing this problem!

What would you think of using a main table board view to list the things to get? The pivot view is more often used for data analysis and drilldowns, which it doesn’t sound like you’re looking to do.

What would you think of making an additional group or board to keep track of orders? Let me know!


Thanks for the message. We do use a main table board view to list the things to get and then use the pivot board to print. If we try just printing the main board, the long text columns get cut off.

Is there a workaround I may be missing?