Are there any other options for outputting or exporting a table

Hi there,

I am new to and am loving it, though i have lots to learn.

I wondered if there was a better way of sharing my board - and by this I mean I have to share it with a funder, and upload it to their portal - so I can’t just given them access to it.
Here is a screenshot of part of a huge board:

I have tried to export to excel, and whilst it works, it looks awful and i then have to spend an hour or more making it vaguely readable.

Is there another way? is there an add on I can use?

Any thoughts appreciated.


Hey Ian!

We have just the thing! :blush:

Tada! Here it is: How to share a board view publicly

You can link or embed a board so they can see the specific info from the board that you want to share without being able to access the board or account.

Let me know if this works for what you need! :blush:

Hey Charlotte, many thanks for your reply.

This isn’t quite what i need though. The funder has a portal where i have to upload lots of documents including my monday,com board. So it would have to be an export of some kind, but one that keeps all the formatting. but thanks for your time,

Hi @iankerry

you might want to have a look at our app Board to Website Widget. It does not provide the perfect workflow for your use case and subitems are not supported at this point, but it could work out like this:

  1. Configure your widget settings once with a table layout
  2. Publish the widget once in a while with updated items
  3. Open the share link in your browser and Right Click → Save As → Complete Web Page (Chrome browser)
  4. Compress the files (zip) and upload it to your funders portal

The only downside to this would be that icons won’t be displayed properly due to domain restrictions. But if that doesn’t matter, you might want to give it a try. Take a look at our demos, to get a better feeling on how you can turn boards into website widgets.

I hope this can be a workaround for you. Let me know what you think.

– Markus

P.S. If a raw Excel file is a viable option, you may take a look at Exported Excel Cleaner, which is free for small teams :slightly_smiling_face:

hi Marcus,

many thanks for replying and offering some options.

Whilst the table layout could work, especially if it is developed so that subitems can be done, the cost may be an issue for us,

however the excel one i am keen to try! So tanks very much for that.

best wishes



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