Task views by person + dashboard

I’d love a way to pull in all my tasks across multiple workspaces into a dashboard view, and also have the ability to add one off tasks to that same dashboard. For example in Asana, it rolls up all your tasks across multiple activities in your task view, but if you want to add a reminder for yourself that is not associated to a board that option is there as well.

Also, i’d love to be able to see tasks i’ve assigned to others in a rolled up view. That way I can keep track of them in one common board. Not by duplicating the task, i want the same task to live in multiple places.

We use our boards as campaigns, and there are many running at once, Its frustrating to have to click into each campaign view to look through open tasks. And in our instance it doesn’t make sense to have every campaign on one board. There are just too many activities that go into each one.