Task with multiple items

Hello! New to Monday so I apologize if I have missed this.

A division of my company handles work orders.
Some work orders are a single item and some have multiple.
How can I create a checklist within s single task with multiple items do that as each is completed it can be checked off, then when all items are completed the main task can be checked off?

Hey @Shawnakultgen75, welcome to the monday.com community and thanks for posting! I’d be happy to offer some suggestions.

To handle work orders with multiple steps/items, there are two main solutions:

  • Using the checklists in the updates section. Have you already checked this out?: What is the Checklist?

  • Using subitems: The Subitems. Each subitem could be a step/item for the main task, and you could mark off the status on each of these subitems, and then show a summary of those statuses in the parent item.

Hi @TRB-monday.com any idea if the checklist is going to be editable for others in the near future, when the one who is adding wants other to add or edit checklist items? It would be extremely handy, thank you!