Tasks that marked as Done

Hi Guys,

just wondering if what is the best scenario for task that is ‘Done’?

I am currently move them to a specific group task name Done, however I found that created a confusing message in the dashboard with many tasks are done.

i have also tried to move them to another board however it didnt carry the details of the task over.

Have you seen the Monday.com support article on the options available for your Done tasks?
What should I do with my "done" tasks? – Support

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Hi @esus - Welcome to the community. Our practice is to collect the Done items in a group at the bottom of the board, and then archive them en masse when they are about 2+ months old. Works easily to keep the most recent accomplishments handy and then tuck them away behind the archive-included search option once they are a couple of months old.

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Hey @esus, thanks for posting!

Beyond the suggestions made above, my favorite way to deal with done items is to put them in a “Done” or “Completed” group the bottom of my board using this automation :blush:

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