Templated List of Tasks?

Neubie here, sorry if this is an obvious answer for anyone.

I want to have a pre-set list of tasks that are created when an item is moved from 1 status to another. This would be the same list of tasks every time.

For context… I’m a real estate agent. When a house sells I move it from status of “active” to “sold”. (not rocket science, I know)
When that happens, the same tasks have to be completed. (Sign switched to sold, keybox removed, documents sent to closing lawyer, keys couriered to buyers realtor, etc. etc. etc.)

Is there a way to automate this in the tasks/sun-tasks area of the item?

Thanks in advance for any advice!


You can create a custom automation to do this:


Thanks Jim. I think I was over thinking it! I thought I had to somehow action the column that displays sub-items, rather than just create them.

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