Time tracking "not paused" filter not as expected

I have a dashboard which displays tables from multiple boards and added a filter to show only pulses where a Time Tracking column is “not paused” which I would presume means “not actively running” however this doesn’t seem to be the case?

I see pulses without any time tracked and ones with some time tracked, although the filter does seem to filter out some items - I’m just now sure why it’s not excluding all of them? Is there no way to properly only show items with an active timer running?

Hey @SimonLogan ,

this can be confusing.

I’d interpret “is not paused” as “is running”
and “is paused” as “is not running”.

Hence, you would only see items where the “Time Tracking” - Time ist running.

Main View:

Filtered View:



Hope that makes sense.


I agree and that was exactly what I expected to see but is not what I am seeing.

So on my dashboard I have a TABLE widget with various boards and tables selected and then I have a filter applied to them which is “Time tracking / is not / paused” however I still see items which aren’t running or which have no time tracked against them?

Are you in the “Main Table” or in a custom View?

Wow now I got it sorry. I should learn to read :slight_smile:

The filter you are using is filtering individual boards.
Your dashboard is a collection of boards.
So each filter has to be adjusted to each board respectivly.

Or in other words, the filter you installed is working only on its host board.

I’m not sure I completely understand.

I’m applying the filter to the Table widget on my dashboard, I don’t see how I could specify the filter to only apply to certain boards within the widget even I wanted to? As far as I can see this filter is on the widget so should affect all items within that widget? Otherwise what is that filter even there for?

You only picked the “Misc Tasks” board.

What widget are you using to display the boards?


Table widget:
You can click through the boards in the filter and set each filter induvidually.
The filter is not set to every board, because each board can be different and the filter would not work at all.
That’s what I assume.

Ah, that’s what I was missing!

I didn’t even notice the select list indicated in your image, or at least didn’t fully appreciate its impact.

So I can go set that up now and that should work for us. I realise that there is no filter which filters through all boards as the info within might vary but I do think it would be useful to allow for this, ie a widget-level filter across all boards because there will be cases where the boards use DO all have consistent columns, or at least consistent enough to allow for that filter to be applied?

Basically all we need is a view where we can check and see any/all running time trackers across all boards at any one time - this will achieve this but still has a lot of manual labour involved in selecting boards and tables, then adding filters to each, so anything that can be done to potentially simplify or automate this would be great.

EDIT: Either the above OR if there was an “apply to all” link next to the filter so we can create it once, then click to apply to all boards, rather than needing to create the filter 20+ times?

One small other thing to mention is that I noticed that there is an option for the Time Tracker status of “Running” however this only shows if there is a tracker running at that time.

So if you start a tracker on the relevant board, then set the filter whilst it’s still running, you can select to filter by trackers which ARE running as well as filter by trackers which AREN’T NOT running (which is the same thing in the end)

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