Timeline + Status combination - colour/ color

If using the Timeline + Status column combo, the timeline column shows different colors.

  • What are the different colors?
  • When do the colors change?
  • When the status is in the completed status does the timeline turn green?
  • If the timeline end date has passed, would we expect to see the timeline tracking in red? I assume it would be green, as it was set to completed on or before the timeline end date.

I have also based lined the plan via the gantt, and I wasn’t sure if that might be impacting the timeline status combo column.

Hey Rosalind! Happy to explain! :blush:

The colors are as follows:

  • Green = done on time
  • Orange = approaching the deadline and the item isn’t done yet
  • Red = the item/task is overdue

Yes, when the statuses change, the colors will change - including changing to green when the task is done.

Yes, if the date has passed and the item wasn’t complete, the timeline column will show up as red. If the date has passed and the item is done, then the timeline column will be green.

I hope this helps clarify! Let me know what you think! :blush: