Timeline webhook send multiple times

When changing the timeline through the UI a webhook that fires when the timeline changes is fired on every change the user makes. This sound very logical but for the user it “feels” like one change.

Let’s take this example. User clicks the timeline and set start date to 1-Aug (fired) and end date to 4-Aug (fired). Before clicking outside the timeline edit box the user remembers the 1-Aug is a public holiday so he changes the start date to 2-Aug (fired) and the end date to 5-Aug (fired). At this time I have received 4 webhooks events, where the user (in his mind) just made one change. This makes my code very expensive and has a negative impact on performance.

Please consider to trigger the timeline change event ONLY when the user clicks outside the timeline edit box.

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Hi there @basdebruin :wave:

Thank you for providing a concise, but clear explanation of what you are currently dealing with! I definitely see where you are coming from here and I do think that would be a step in the right direction for us, so I’ll pass that as a feature suggestion to our development tea.m. They’ll take a closer look with me at this and we’ll see what we can do in the future - to be transparent, I can’t promise anything just yet :slight_smile:

That said, I do appreciate your help in making our platform, in general, and the webhook functionality specifically, better :slight_smile: Every little bit counts.