Timesheets/Time & Attendance

I am a Monday.com user. My business is an HR Consultant Business. We have created an HR Portal using Monday.com for our Clients and their employees. One feature that I would like to add to our service is a Time & Attendance, Time Reporting feature.

In essence, I need my various Clients’ employees to be able to…

Time in and Out feature (Or Clock in and Out)
Include a Time-off request and approval feature
Clock in and out from Mobile Device

In essence, I need for this feature to be able to be used like a Timesheet for each employee. Where my clients would be able to use the information from the Timesheet to essentially pay their employees.

Any information, guidance, and/or advice are welcomed.


Is there a reason you don’t want to use the standard timetracking column?

Can you please share with me what Board Template this timetracking column is on? I ultimately am looking for a robust Timesheet function (i.e. a Clock In and Out functionality that my clients employees can use on an everyday basis is a huge part of what I am looking for)