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Introducing Toolkit, a bundle of apps to designed to address various needs on built by the experienced folks at Kolaai, a partner.

At the moment, the app contains only one app, that is Copy and Paste.
With Copy and Paste, you can copy data from anywhere (eg. Excel, Google Sheets, Word etc) and paste them directly into your columns.

No more manually entry of large data. This will absolutely save you tons of time!

Here are some of the features of the app:

  • Update existing column values

  • Create new or update items in specific group or across various groups

  • Create new or update sub-items

  • Copy and paste different date formats into both date and timeline column

  • Copy and paste data with preferred separators for example, semicolons, commas or even your own custom separator

  • Select and item to start pasting from

  • Replace existing values with empty values

  • And so much more …

Here is a short demo on how the app works.

You can see the different pricing plans and install the app from the marketplace here.

If you have any questions, you can always reach out at

New feature :star:

You can now easily copy and paste columns across different boards.
This includes:

  • Ability to choose which item to start copying from and where to end
  • Ability to choose which item to start pasting to and where to end
  • Multiple columns copy and paste support
  • Auto-matching by column name
  • Customizing like prefixing and suffixing copied data, numbers calculation
  • Subitems support and many more…

You can find the app in the marketplace here

New feature :star:

You can now Find and Replace column data across multiple boards at a time using the Toolkit app.
The feature set includes:

  • Filter specific boards, groups or even items
  • Find and replace values across multiple different column types. For example, Name, Text etc.
  • Find and replace People and Teams using Any, All or Exact matches
  • Subitems support
  • Ability to customize settings for each column or apply settings across different multiple columns
  • And so much more…

You can find the app in the marketplace here