Track daily changes to progress bar

Hi There

I would like to track daily or weekly changes to my progress bar or a column. Two options could be If the progress bar moves or changes change the colour of a cell in a column, or if a cell changes within the last 7 days colour green , if no changes within the last 7 days turn red etc.

I want to ensure that i don’t have zero progress occurring and each week there is at least some. Is this achievable with an automation?

Many thanks

I feel as though you could definitely have automation or the lasted updated by column to track the date when an item was last changed, and then yeah conditional formatting (accessible above the table) can be used to color different rows based on that date. I’ve used it before (usually tied to a due date vs a last updated date) to more immediately throw up in my face that something was coming up due or that it was behind.

Thanks for this - i have due dates already set up - what i am looking for is week by week to show me if any movement had been made on the progress - teh progress bar is tracking this already but i also want it to flag if teh progress bar hasn’t moved in 7 days.