Track data across boards in one higher level board

I have multiple boards which each track an individual project. Within these boards there are multiple groups of tasks, each task is tagged by the consultant working on them through a drop down column. Each of these tasks also has a formula which calculates the length of time it took to complete the task. Is there any way which I can track the length of time each consultant takes on average across all boards? For example a master board which grabs all length of time data for each consultant and separates them into their own respective groups based on the consultant.

I am able to mirror these rows in a master board which allows for all this data to be consolidated in one place, However I am not able to filter this data as it is mirrored. Has anyone encountered this issue before? Why is it so hard to consolidate and filter data from multiple boards?

Hi @G_Askwith

Welcome to the community. For this use case (aggregate data from multiple boards into on (master) board) we have created the app Rollup Multiple Boards. It is on the marketplace and you can find more detailed info over here.