Track Meetings with Team Workload Planning

As is common with many teams, my team members have to balance time for meetings with time for actual work effort. Supervisors need to track both to make fair and logical assignments for upcoming days/weeks.

We will be using the Workload widget to track work effort; however, I’m looking for a way to also track planned meeting time for team members. It certainly seems like an enhanced calendar integration could handle this; however, there would need to be an intermediate check to make sure the imported meetings are relevant and actual meetings and not merely notes or placeholders. Also, at present, it doesn’t appear that calendar integrations bring in the basic, required data (such as length of time of calendar event).

One imperfect workaround I’ve been using is a Board to list meetings for the week (see below). I have a single item for each work day, and I manually input the number of hours for meetings each day. I also must update the due date for each day every week so that the meetings show appropriately on the Workload widget.

Once I fill in the relevant info for each workday, the Workload widget pulls the info from the meeting board, which is connected, and updates accordingly:

This is more-or-less working, but requires quite a bit of user input, including 1)visually assessing their calendar each week and determining # of hours of meetings/commitments each day, 2)inputting those numbers onto, and then 3)manually changing the “due dates.”

Improving steps 1&2 would seem to require long-term enhancements to the calendar integration system. Step 3 could seem to be improved through automation; however, I cannot determine a function within the current automations that can change the due dates in a smart way.

I’d be interested to hear how others are dealing with tracking meetings within