Time Forecasting

Just curious if anyone has found a way to do a time-log forecasting within monday? My team uses the time tracker to monitor how much time is used each other, but on occasion we have multiple new projects that need to be handled but we are unsure of who will have time in the future.

I am aware of the workload widget for dashboarding, but it mainly is useful with current task tracking or checking on tasks on a weekly bases. Ideally our team would like something that can projects roughly 3 months ahead, which would be difficult for a workload widget to do.

Hi Joshua,

This is a very general query, which is totally fine.

I see time forecasting as a possible end product of a well-built solution. It’s certainly possible to do in monday.com. Everything will need to be built correctly depending on your specific goals, because there are a lot of considerations and many approaches.

I do believe, as you have identified, that the workload widget is the best place to manage time management. What is the reason for your prejudice that it is better for weekly or current time planning? I don’t necessarily agree with that.

The key is giving monday.com the data in the right format.

Here are some key questions to get you started:

  1. How do you store and assign tasks? Are all items tasks that require time spent? Is that time specific to that item or is it split with another item? Or is it perhaps the sum of time spent on X items?
  2. Do you assign one person or multiple people? Do you expect their time to be split equally?
  3. How will you predict the amount of time spent? Will you define manual estimates or will you base those off the duration of previous tasks?

These are the kinds of questions (and more!) that will define how you approach building your solution. In my experience, monday.com is versatile enough that it can handle many different use cases, but it needs to be built correctly.

@JAinsbury I suggest taking a look at the Workload (planned) chart by Screenful. It takes all the items that have a set due date and shows a summary per day/week/month/quarter of the total planned work. Here’s an example chart:

In this example, the chart is grouped by Week and the bar segment is Assignee. The chart shows how much work is allocated per week for each assignee. The leftmost bar is the current week. The bars to the right are the future weeks.

You can learn more about this chart or sign up for a free trial to give it a try.

Hello, I am wondering if this is able to be converted to projected revenue based on the time spent vs internal costs for each assignee, do you happen to know?

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Hi @samjtaylor can you provide more details? How is the revenue data made available? Does each item have a planned revenue? What about the cost of each assignee, is that information available in the same board?

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Hi @sl1nna I am hoping to be able to add the project budget into Monday.com, as well as link the people resources to an internal cost (I am believe this is possible?). Using the resources forecasted we will be able to determine the internal cost each month forecast, as well as the gross revenue. Is that possible?

@samjtaylor what you can do is to create a separate board for storing the hourly rate for each individual. You can then mirror the column into the board that contains the work items. You can then calculate the internal cost by multiplying hourly rate with the number of hours worked. While we can report historical costs this way, we are not yet able to show projections based on this data. It is definitely something we aim to support in the future but there is ETA to share yet.

Any update on this limitation in last couple of months?