Tracking viewers to a document page

I have a document page. I want to see if anyone has visited it, it’s available publicly to my entire organisation.
I would like to know who is viewing and how often people look at it so I can decide the optimal frequency to update the information in the doc.
Is there a way of seeing this kind of information?

Hey Jamie!

To clarify, are you referring to our workdocs feature and understanding all that have viewed the doc within your monday account?

Thanks Bianca

I am not 100% sure what the correct term is here… It’s a /docs/ in the URL and has this symbol:

Does that answer the question?

Thank you Jamie, that helps alot!

I can see you’re referencing our workdocs feature.

At this time, it is possible to see who has viewed the doc via the top right hand corner of the board:

Is this what you’re looking for? :slight_smile:

Almost :slight_smile:
I was asking for a history so you could see how frequently someone was visiting. It would be good to know if they check in weekly/monthly etc on the document to help me know how often to update it,

But this is really helpful, thanks Bianca. The latest time they viewed is great and I had not seen that so thanks a lot for sharing this. Much appreciated.

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Ah, I hear where you’re coming from here - great point! I will most certainly share this with our team internally incase we can work on further developing this feature down the track. I am glad I could help to some extent :pray:

Thanks Bianca, appreciate the help

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