Tracking which tasks were completed on each day

Is there an easy way to see a list of tasks completed each day? For example, seeing that on 9/1, Tasks B, C, E were completed, on 9/2 Tasks A, G were completed, etc.

I’ve seen some other answers that don’t quite do this, though I may be missing something – e.g. the time tracking widget doesn’t seem to show the names of the tasks worked on each day; other views like the Gantt chart don’t specifically show when a task was completed. I can have an automation that says “when task status is changed to Done, do X”, but I don’t know what X should be such that I can then see all the tasks that were marked as Done on a given day.

Hi @bpacker

Welcome to the community. Would this one help?

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That works, thanks!

And just to clarify for anyone else who comes across this, “Completion Date” isn’t a default column, so you’d make a custom task column of type “Date”, name it something like “Completion Date”, and then this automation can work.

And then once this is set up, you can set up a dashboard with a Gantt chart with “Completion Date” chosen as the timeline column in settings, and you’ll be able to see all the tasks completed on each day of the calendar. (There might be other dashboards you could set up to view this in other ways as well.)