Trello integration and syncing of field updates

We are working with an external company for a joint project. They use Trello and we use Monday. I’ve imported the trello board cards however it appears the syncing of information with the integration isn’t working 100%. When a card is changed/updated in trello it is not mapping to my Monday board correctly. If a new card is created in Trello I get a “New Item” line rather than the name of the card as the line item, with a link to the card in the trello column but no other information pulls over e.g., Member to owner, due date to due date. Any tips on how to get this working?

Integration I am using (by each group): When a card is added or updates in CLIENTS TRELLO BOARD, create an item and sync future changes from trello. I have then mapped the item field I want to pull over.

Hmm, this sounds like something our integration experts may be able to solve with you! Send them an email at if you’re still stuck on this!