Two Boards Items Feed Another Separate Board

We have a workflow where the requests are initially generated by clients (who do not have access to MDC) emailing two separate vendors we have who are guest users. We need to keep the two vendors from seeing each others work/items, but our internal users ultimately own the items after a specific step in the workflow.

In order to accommodate this, we were theorizing creating 1 board per vendor, and when items were created on either board, those items would then populate on our internal users board.

My questions are:

  1. Is this possible? If so, how?

  2. If all 3 boards have the same structure/design re: All have the same groups, columns, etc., if an item on one of the two vendor boards is updated, will that update reflect in the main internal user board?

2a. Example. if all the boards have Groups 1 & 2 on them, and item1 in vendorboard1 moves from Group 1 to Group 2 on the vendorboard1, will the mirrored item in internaluserboard also move from Group 1 to Group 2?

2b. If internaluserboard has more groups and stages to its board/workflow, can the actions taken upon a given item in it progress the board past stages and groups that don’t exist in the board it is mirrored from?
Example: Continuing with the above example, say internaluserboard also has Group3, can actions and automations in internaluserboard move the item from venderboard1 to Group3 and beyond? Even if vendorboard1 and vendorboard2 only have Groups 1 & 2?

Thank you in advance for any help or insight anyone is able to provide.

Hey Chris!

Yes, this is possible using the following automation recipe:

Then, the connect boards column will keep the second board continuously updated to the first board’s information in that column.

In order for the 3 boards to be in sync, you will want to add a mirror column to the internal user board showing the other two boards’ information there so you don’t have to update it manually. You can learn more about this here.

However, moving items between groups in one board will not make that item move groups in the other board. The mirror column simply shows the information pertaining to that connected item, not the position within the board.

My apologies, I am a little confused regarding the last question. It does sound similar to the previous one in which case the answer remains the same: the mirror column will not move the item around in the board based on the position of the item in the original board.

Does this help clarify? The structure of all boards can be the same but the only thing that will change in the mirror column is the information it shows.

For example, you could have an automation that moves the original board’s (we’ll call it Board A) item to group 2 when its status changes to “done”, and the mirror column in board B is connected to Board A’s item’s status column. Board B’s item will simply show the status “done” in the mirror column but it will not move groups.

Does this help clear things up? Let us know what you think!


Thanks @CharlotteK this is helpful and good info! No worries on the third ask, it was more my lack of understanding with respect to my original understanding/ask about the behavior of items shared across boards.

Sorry, one additional question, when I set up the automation in the second vendor board, select the board that I want the item to be created in, and then click on the item to verify the details that will be on the item, i get this error, but only on the second board?