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I just joined so my question may be super basic, but here we are :rofl: I did a search but I may be using wrong terms :woman_shrugging:

When joining, the set up process asked me what I was going to use monday for and didnt let me select multiple choices so I chose “work / marketing”. However, I also want to use it for “personal / life”.
So now I have the 1 work management tab with my Business workspace and all the templates there are related to marketing. Which it makes sense…

However, how do I create another “management tab” for other uses? Like one for personal use? So I assume I would be able so see templates for that area?

Not even sure if that’s how it works so I appreciate some clarity in how to create “management” for different areas.
(I did create a different works space inside “work management” but all templates shown are marketing related)

Hi @debsousa :wave:

Welcome to the Community!

It sounds like you might want to add another Workspace to your account.
This will allow you to have one for your personal work and another for business so that you can easily keep your boards separate in their own tabs.
You can find some steps to add this to your account here: The Workspaces

All of our plans allow you to add as many Workspaces as you need!

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :smile:

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