TypeForm and General Caster Integration

Hi, we are currently using General Caster to help us with our automations.
We are getting clients to fill in an order form on TypeForm which inputs data to a Monday board which we make calculations with.
We are finding the calculations don’t work, however, when we input the data manually it works fine.
Is there any way we can make the calculations work correctly while using TypeForm?
Thank you in advance

Hi @ChrisCollings

From your description it looks like General Caster is only triggered by column changes. Adding an item to board using a form does not trigger a column change but a create_item trigger. The create_item trigger contains all the column data and you would need General Caster to change the app to allow for form inserted rows.

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Thank you @basdebruin , that explains why it wasn’t working. I think I’ll go back to the original plan for this particular board.

Thank you again :slight_smile: