General Caster glitch

Hello! I’m working with a team that has implemented General Caster and has been running into a very strange glitch: General caster is changing my board’s column id’s from {item’s 12FCT Qty} to {pulse.12FCT Qty} upon formula input and it seems like this is preventing any data from being cast. I can’t replicate it in any of my other monday accounts, so it is difficult to troubleshoot, so I’m mostly reaching out to see if anyone else has had similar issues with the integration.

The team is reaching out directly to General Caster’s folks, but I figured it’d be worth getting a thread started in case they don’t hear back from them and so that anyone else dealing with this issue can see any potential solutions. Thanks in advance!

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I’ve just been suffering the same - only on one field (using item’s Item ID - changes to pulse.Item ID) and fails.

Did you come to any conclusion?

It seems like it is actually a glitch on’s side – their integration portal seems to be causing the issue. I’ve been going back and forth with support for weeks. They fixed one instance of the issue (it seemed like a small, easy to fix glitch once the developers actually got around to it) but then it has been happening again when we remake instances of the integration.

I’d say your best bet is to open a ticket with and be persistent about checking in on the issue. I sent video documentation of the issue via loom, which seemed to help.

I’ll let you know if we learn anything else in the meantime.

Thank you Patrick - could you provide your ticket number with - hopefully they can refernce this.
I have been using exactly the same on another board for months - no problem. Strange one.

As far as I can tell they don’t make the ticket number public or client facing – Feel free to reference my full name/email: Patrick Marschke //