Unable to sort or filter by mirrored columns

Also waiting for a workaround - as for now we usea Formula Column which shows the text value from the mirror column

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Adding a formula column is a workaround.

Please reconfirm the formula.
We are trying to filter based on a country column that is mirrored

Hi Rosalind,

Here’s the formula as I’ve been using it:


Hope that’s helpful.

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thank you that works perfectly.

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Wow, it looks like this post has already had a lot of activity with little change. Our issue is exactly the one posted by @hdurey above (post #33 explaining that a mirror of a mirrored column cannot be filtered or sorted). An update would be appreciated. Is support doing anything about this, working toward a resolution, or is this still at the bottom of the priority list? I will say for all the issues we are having with Monday.com funtionality, this is by far #1.

Hi! Waiting on this to be corrected as well! We have a lot of boards mirroring off each other but the fact that you can not sort is a huge issue for us!
Please advise!!
The formula is not working for me wen I am trying to use dates.

These discussion groups are hard to follow - I can’t tell if Monday is claiming that this works or knows that it doesn’t. I have a simple case of mirroring some columns on another board. The column that shows the connected item (which is of course text) can be sorted. Any mirrored columns that are numbers or text or status from that connected board can be sorted. However, if I have a column in that connected board that is showing a summary of a subitem column, then it cannot be sorted. If this is a known limitation, can Monday please update their documentation to admit this. And, can you please indicate if it will remain a missing feature into the future (because it is for some reason difficult to do), or if you will at some point add this feature? Currently, to get around this I create a formula that is simply equal to the mirrored column value, and I can sort on that (but that means I have to have two columns for every column I want to mirror - and there are limitations on what you can do with formula columns so that causes other issues).

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The problem with this workaround is that it is not possible to copy the contents from the formula cell. Which is needed often.