Unable to sort or filter by mirrored columns

It appears that you are not able to sort mirrored columns. Is this an issue for anyone else? I’m creating a project intake process that requires multiple mirrored boards and on of the steps will rely on a sorted mirrored column. Also, there is no way to filter by mirrored columns, even though they clearly show-up in both options.

I am also having the problem of being unable to sort mirrored columns. The drop down on the column shows that it is possible as does the hover on the top of the column. However, there is no sorting occurring.


Yup - this started happening to me as well, I depend on mirrored columns in my tracking boards. Sort in mirrored columns was working fine until a few weeks ago.

I’d also like to be able to show a column summary for mirrored columns.

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I am able to sort and filter by a mirror column (mirroring a status column) BUT only when there is a single board in connect boards column. Once I add a second board to connect boards and mirror, I cannot sort the mirror column and the filters do not work. The mirror column does not show up in quick filters. Oddly, it does show in advanced filters as an option on column pick list, but when clicked, nothing happens.

I submitted this to Monday team a week ago for help. At least six different troubleshooters worked on the case asking for lots of info, video, console screenshot, etc. None of them seemed to be aware that this appears to be a platform-wide problem. They were focused on my specific boards and my web browser etc. They passed the case on to the developers Friday. I followed up suggesting this is a bigger problem than my specific case.

@AronK - as one of the leads on multi-board mirror roll-out, can you please update here on solution status for these problems with sort / filter on multi-board mirror columns? If helpful, my support request is #1680415. Maybe you can connect with the developers on this? This functionality is not useful without sort / filter, including in dashboards. I need this to work for org-wide annual work planning I’m rolling out right now with 25 staff, so this is urgent for us. Thanks!

@hdurey appreciate the note and context! I was able to find that all of that troubleshooting enabled the team to submit this issue to be looked at by the developers. I do see that the support team has your ticket on hold which means that as soon as they are pinged from the developers, they’ll be able to circle back to you with an update.

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Update from the Monday team and developers below. Sounds like it could be quite a while before a fix is implemented. For our team at least, this puts a big damper on the usefulness of multi-board mirror columns to roll up info from many boards and then filter for various purposes, especially in dashboards.

"Maddie here for the team! I’ve just received word from our developers.

After looking into this, they have realized that they will need to rewrite some of the filters code to support multi-board linkage. They are afraid that this is not a quick fix, and will take time to review and implement new code that supports multi-board linkage settings. With that being said, this issue has been moved to our bugs backlog queue.

While I’m unable to offer a timeline for when they will be implementing a fix, our developers will continue to consider it as they move forward in making platform improvements. Although it is considered to be of a lower priority than issues that severely impact platform functionality, we understand the impact this issue has on you and your team.

I recognize this is not ideal, but if there’s anything else at all that I can assist with in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out. My team is here 24/7, and we’re always happy to help!"