Update Groups Colors... finally... but there's a trick

Hi Everyone !

It’s been a year that I wanted to set colors for my groups with the API and I read several posts here requesting that feature and replies saying that “Ehh… sorry that’s not available”. :wink:
And this morning, I wanted to check again and saw that the API documentation was updated with this sample code :

*mutation {*
*  update_group (board_id: 12345678, group_id: "today", group_attribute: color, new_value: "red") { *
*    id*
*  } *

So… I was super happy and excited to try…
I quickly wrote a piece of code to get the Groups properties of my Board dedicated to experimentations and parsed them to see how it looked.

Turned out that the API sends me my groups colors in hexadecimal :

string(285) "{"data":{"boards":[{"groupsapitests":[{"id":"xxx","title":"GRP1_GREEN","color":"#00c875","position":"256.0"},{"id":"xxx","title":"GRP2_BLUE","color":"#579bfc","position":"512.0"},{"id":"xxx","title":"GRP3_RED","color":"#BB3354","position":"1024.0"}]}]},"account_id":xxx}"

“color”:“#00c875” for a medium green previously selected manually in the Monday’s limited palette,
#579bfc” for a blue and “#BB3354” for a dark red.
There, I thought : “Ah niiiice, that’s cool, I’ll probably be able to set my own colors, in hexadecimal, in order to use my company’s graphic charter”… but no… not at all :

"error_message":"Input color is not in colors options"

And that, even If I try to set the same colors (“#00c875”, “#579bfc”, “#BB3354”) that the API initially gave me… WTF??

Then, I tried with W3C color names, given that the Doc’s example used “red” to specify the color change, and it worked with basic “blue”, “green” and “red”…
Guess what ? :grin:
I tried with other W3C names for nicer colors, for example :
“chartreuse”, “cornflowerblue”, “crimson” and… No… it didn’t work either… same error message :

"error_message":"Input color is not in colors options"

So… It looks that we’re in the middle of the bridge…
We’re now able to set/change Groups colors but with a very limited range of colors… and I didn’t find anywhere the complete list of those “authorized” colors.
I don’t understand the reason why the API is able to work and set colors in hexadecimal for itself but prevent us to do it too… Come on… we’re talking about “colors” to make our Boards looking good !
There’s no security issue here…

It’s too bad because we’re almost there… Please @monday open that feature to let us choose our own colors and a ton of people/customers here will be happy ! #100%guaranteed

If anyone has more info, I’m of course interested !!

Have a great day !


Hello there @pczeryba!

Thank you for the feedback.

I have shared this with our R&D team so that they can take it into account, and also with our team in charge of documentation, to see if we can add the valid colors to it.

Thank you again :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hi @pczeryba!

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve updated the documentation to include the list of accepted colors.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


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Hello Rachel !
Thank you and my boards will thank you too in a few days when they will benefit from those new colors that I’ll finally be able to control.
Colors might be considered as a small thing but when we talk about “executive” boards that are watched every day, being consistent and having somehow a “color language”, is very important !
So, thank you again !

For those who will read this message who want to take a quick look, here are those colors :

Best regards.