Update subitem value based on item date

Hi community!

I need your support for a particular use case.

We are using monday to digitalize our selling contracts for hotel chains. Each contract (item level) has a “Renewal date” and “Anual increase %”. Each contact has a list of N hotels (subitem level) with the specific “Rate” we charge to each one.

My need would be to create automation that is triggered when the “Renewal date” = today, and is able to update the “Rate” (subitem level) based on the “Anual increase %” (item level).

The solution would automate the calculation of rate to charge to all our hotel chains, which would make us save a loooot of time and reduce risk of manual calculations.

I tried to work with the automations, but couldn’t really find a way to update subitem records based on item records.


You can do this in Make.com

DM me if you need help with the setup

Hope this helps

Hi @a.alvarez ,
This can be done in 30 minutes using Make platform.
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