Use REGEXEXTRACT formula in General Caster

I currently have several Formula columns that are using REPLACE(REGEXEXTRACT()) to pull strings from a long-form Text column. I want to use the results of these formulas to trigger automations which will move the Items to different Groups.

The long-form Text column is a mirror of the content of an incoming email that triggered the creation of the item. The email contains text such as:

Brand: TH
Region: NA
Company: TH_USKS

The brand, region, and company are a variable number of characters.

The Formula column for Brand, for example, uses the formula REPLACE(REGEXEXTRACT({Email Content}, “Brand: [^\s]+”), 1, 7, “”) → this would return “TH” for the above example.

Since I am not able to use Formula columns within Automations, I am attempting to use General Caster to perform the formulas and cast the results to Text columns which can be used in Automations. It seems that General Caster does not support REGEXEXTRACT(). I don’t think I can use SEARCH() because the strings I’m looking for are not always consistent length. Any ideas?

Hi Elizabeth,

The Advanced Formula Booster can do that with a function called REGEXMATCH.


This 3rd party app allows you to write formula results to any type of columns so that they can be used in automations, calendars, etc.

It offers numerous other benefits, including the ability to use unlimited lines and variables. Rather than cramming everything into one line and nesting functions, it allows for spreading out formulas across multiple lines for simplicity and clarity. In the example above, I created a variable [A] that I then used in the second line instead of writing:

{Text}=REGEXREPLACE(REGEXMATCH({Email Content},"Brand: [^\s]+"),"Brand: ","")

which remains a possibility if you like it better.