Use Template Folder with Dynamic Name

Hello all

I’m in the process of creating a fairly simple project management / change approvals system within Monday. To achieve this, I’ve created a parent project listing board and have a “create project” status, which will be locked to only be modifiable by project manager

I’ve been able to automate it so that when a PM approves a project, it creates a board based on a pre-created template and names it with the Pulse Name

I’d like to take this a step further though. Realistically every project will have three boards

  • dashboard
  • project items
  • issues register

I’d like to put them into a sub-folder, and then have the folder itself take on the name of the Pulse item

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Hi there,

Did you manage to figure out how to do this? I’m looking to do the same and it would be helpful to know if you figured out how to do this?