Using Integromat to Send a Notification

I am using Integromat to be able to automate a recurring task on Monday.
But it includes mentioning a user in an update. Trying “@{{1.creator_id}}” isn’t working. Anyone have done this before?

Hey @Shamy – at the moment our API/Integromat does not support mentioning a user in an update.

Instead, you can consider using our API to send a notification to a user.

I don’t think Integromat currently supports a “Send notification” module, but you can use the “HTTP” module for this. It would require using Integromat’s “HTTP” module to send a “Create Notification” request to our API. Check out a brief tutorial below :slight_smile: Let me know if it helps!

Using Integromat to Send a Notification in

Step 1: Create an HTTP “Make a Request” module:

Step 2: Configure the module as follows:

  • Add “” as the URL.
  • Change the method to “POST”
  • Add a header with “Authorization” as the name. The value should be your API key (see article)
  • Set the Body Type to “Raw”
  • Set the Content Type to “JSON”
  • Copy-paste the code below into the “Request content” field:
   "query" : "mutation($user:Int!, $message:String!, $update_id:Int!) { create_notification (text: $message, user_id: $user, target_id: $update_id, target_type:Post) { id } }",
   "variables" : {"user" : 4315579, "message" : "Hello world", "update_id": 530766845} 

Step 3: Customize the “Request Content” section to fit your notification :slight_smile:

In the “Variables” section (line 3) of the example above, you will see some fields for “user”, “message”, and “update_id”. Changing these will change who the notification gets sent to and what it says.

  • Change the number in the “user” field to the user ID of the person who should receive the notification
  • Change the “message” field to the content of the notification. Ensure you have quotes around the message, like the example above.
  • Change the “update_id” to fit the update you would like to link to.

How do I get the user ID?
You can find a user’s ID by going to their Profile – it is the number at the end of the URL.

How do I get the update ID?
You can find the ID of an update by opening the update’s link and copying the number at the end of the URL:

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Hey Dipro!

Thanks a lot for coming back to me on this, it will help a lot!
Keep up the awesome work!

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