Using to create Interview Guides and tracking

My team is looking at using to help create a tracking system for “light” job recruitment/interviewing/onboarding. My use case is that we are going to be recruiting for, multiple jobs and I want to my interviewers to be able to select the job they are interviewing from and it will populate the list of questions (for most the questions will be standard) but of course each job will have specific behavior and technical questions we would like to ask, take notes and then eventually score against. Has anyone built anything they are using that they would like to share? I have started to build out the overall process for tracking recruitment and interviewing, and some onboarding but I wanted to check to see if someone had created anything using integrations and/applications available.

You could set up some automations example:

  • If some status is set for example to “Do the interview” and another status is type of job, you can automatically make an update with the right questions for each kind of job.

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I would recommend utilising the subitems here!
You can create a status column which a status label for each job you’d like to interview for (up to 40 different labels).
You can then set up the following custom automation, which will automatically create specific subitems when that status is selected:

In this example, when Job 1 is selected as the status, a subitem with the name ‘Analytic Skills’ will automatically be created.
You can use the ‘+ and then’ button to add additional subitems, where you can list more skills / questions you’d like to test your candidate on.

You can customise this for each individual job, meaning the interviewer need only to change the status and you will automatically get a list of relevant subitems.

Do you think this could work for you?

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