Visualise funnel charts for sales or marketing - introducing Funnels for

Funnels for sales and marketing presents Funnels - an app which lets you draw beautiful charts for sales/marketing funnels and analyse journey of items through the workflow. is part of Omnitas Consulting -’s Best Professional Service Partner.

:tada: Funnels won the main prize in Apps Marketplace Challenge (you can see the entry on and we’re proud to be able to bring it to you via Apps Marketplace now!:tada:

Funnels for on the Marketplace


The app adds 2 Board Views:

Funnel Board View

This view lets you visualise traditional sales or marketing funnel showing number of items per status. Graph assumes that reaching certain state means an items went through all previous states.

Tree / Journey Board View

This view shows transitions of items between statuses and takes into account the whole activity log of items.

:page_facing_up: Documentation and more info

:dollar: Pricing

14 day trial followed by subscription of $19/month or $209/year.

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Looks amazing, my only recomendation is that you also have a vertical style sales funnel as many people are used to that view.

We are also a monday partner (in Mexico and Central America) and it will be amazing if we could get a referral fee if we bring your app into the accounts that we we serve.


That’s a great suggestion @Gabo. We’re working on this as well as a dashboard view, which would also use vertical funnel style.

I’ll send you a DM so that we can talk about cooperation.

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