vLookApp - A Free vLookup Function for Monday

- What is your app called? - vLookApp.
- Why did you build this app? - Because I needed this tool.
- What does your app do? - Exactly what it says, a Lookup function across Monday boards.
- What example use cases and workflows does this app apply to? - If you need to lookup a value from one column in a different columns, and return a specific value from this row (just like in other spreadsheets).
- Who are you? Are you a monday partner? My name is Yogev, and I’m not sure what a Monday Partner is.
- How can users use your app? - Just install it here and follow the recipe explanation bellow.
- Are there any dependencies (eg: must have an enterprise subscription to X tool) - No.
- Does it have a cost? - No.

Here’s an explanation on how to use the recipe:

Hope you’d find it useful,
I’m here for any questions,
You can also reach me at Yogev@formrally.com


You can show an example here? I make some tests but not see what work properly, thanks

Sure thing, here’s a working example with a recipe:

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Perfect, thanks for the help.
This help me a lot

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This looks really promising, will definitely check it out!

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Thank you!
Let me know if you need any help.

Howdy! Just installed this, but am having trouble accessing it within the automations view. Is there a certain set of steps I need to take to find the vlookup functionality? Thanks!

Hi @jared.smith !
It’s under “Integration” not “Automation”

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Hi @Yoggie
I’m not sure if I’m doing it right:

Look up a value in client SKU in Artwork, column (Name), Return value from Status and mirror it to Approval

Artwork is the board where my client is a guest and confirms via a status column when each tag is approved or under review. I want that response to show up in a board where my colleagues are (Approval column) so they can see as soon as the same tag is approved within that second board.
The column Name is the first column from the left, I don’t see any other way to reference it. Nothing is showing up.

Hi @Paolaura !

Unfortunately, what you refer to as “the first column from the left” in not actually a column, it’s the Item Name, this is how Monday boards are designed, unlike in an excel spreadsheet.
Notice that you cannot move or delete it, for the exact same reason.

You can use this app with any other regular column though.
Hope this helps.

Thank you, @Yoggie!

If I were to move it to the second column rather than trying to use the first, what would I need to correct?
I think I am interpreting the recipe wrong.


You can use a formula column to have h to e item name duplicated into it and link that.

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