Whastapp Zapier with monday

I try to connect monday with timelineai and zapier to have an integration between monday and whatsapp. I just got a little issue with the current work with zapier.

Apparently “Specified chat (tl) id not found”, do you know what this means or can someone help me please?

Hi Luis,

I’d need to know more about your integration to help you.

Firstly, it looks like your issue is with TImelinesAI and Zapier. Does TimelinesAI have a community? You might be better off asking there.

Nevertheless, could you share a screenshot of your “Action” configuration for the TimelinesAI step. That seems to be where the issue lies.

Hi Francis, thank you for your help.

I attach the section of “Action” to see if theres something I’m doing wrong. I will ask in timelinesai too, thank you for the advice.

Hi Luis,

I could be wrong, but it seems like you are entering a phone number into the Chat Id field, whereas the chat_id in TimelinesAI would refer to some kind of unique ID specific to a chat. That is most likely why you are receiving the error message that the chat cannot be found.

You may need to do one of a few things:

  1. Store a chat ID on your monday.com item and use this in your Zapier mapping.
  2. Search TimelinesAI for chat ids based on the telephone number (if this is possible in Zapier) and then use that to find a chat.

Have you built many integrations before? Even with Zapier, there are often several technical hurdles to overcome.

You can try contacting support and have them help you out—I’m sure they’ll be willing to provide assistance. Additionally, I’d be happy to offer my services in helping you build your integrations professionally. Please feel free to reach out (flyingravendesign@gmail.com)